About Cyber World

Cyber World provides a decentralized financial asset which rewards it’s users with 0.018% increase in their assets, every 10 minutes

The Cyber World reward generation is a unique protocol that has advanced profit making. The Cyber World rewarding protocol generates and distributes a 0.018% reward every 10 minutes for all active users. The protocol equips RFI properties.

This protocol is equipped with innovative technologies and features that other forks lack. It is specially designed to be automated and efficient.

Utilities of CyberWorld.io


$CyberWorld is a BEP-20 token which is hyper-inflationary in nature. This native currency dispenses properties essential for passive income generation through providing 0.018% interest every 10 min, which makes 144 times in a day.

The protocol is a self-designed and drafted network and is not essentially a fork of any other project.

With its Auto-Burn, burning Pit configuration, marginal starting supply, and lower 10-minute Epoch’s, Cyber World’s tokenomics are also entirely unique, allowing for a much more linear APY evolution of attainability.

Fee Structure

The buying and selling fee structure are crucial for the protocols performance as this collected fee is used for several feature’s maintenance and offer.

The 8% selling fee is broken down as follow ⤵

The 6% buying fee is broken down as follow ⤵